Drunk On Life And Laughter

Alexandra Androne
1 min readSep 25, 2020


A poem

Credits to Clay banks on Unsplash

Imagine yourself lying in the grass
Smelling the wildflowers and playing with cats
Admiring the blue sky and touching the clouds
Just be happy cause you just found your “partner in crime”
Dreaming and laughing all the time
The Autumn is near but it’s still summertime

Feeling the chemistry beyond the stars
Get a bag and riding first class trains
Enjoying yourself and the painted atmosphere
Amazing how Bees just appear
Festive times and a river on the right
Crowds of people dancing in the night

Share your true colours and things will change with time
Don’t be shy about your weirdness
Just be proud about your kindness
Some people will see it as an illness
Others like madness
You aren’t on the wrong road, sweetness