Learn to bloom

It’s all about the inner power

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Since I was a little girl I believed that March has something magic. It’s a new moment to enter a new state of mind and bringing to the table the most colorful flowers. The sun is shining and the day becomes more longer. More longer for you to start to believe in your power and your dreams.

In the spring the trees are sweetly blooming, the people smile more and serotonin is getting higher in a natural way. Build up the strength to do everything you want, but for that, you need to go step by step.

5 Steps to get inspired and increase the power of your soul

1.Train your mind to see the good in everything and spread warm thoughts like confetti

It’s all about the mindset, what you choose to believe and what you want to believe. When you carefully decide to uncover your self and stay focus on your present, maybe this will help you to embrace your true self. Mindset goes perfectly hand in hand with knowing yourself and be a friend of your system of values. Seeing the good in everything it’s like realizing that hope is there, in your bones. Sometimes it’s difficult to catch the good from situations but let's think in reverse and our life will be in tones of a rainbow.

2. Set boundaries

The special act of setting boundaries is that you don’t lose time. Being clear with your inner self about your desires is an important step to increase your inner power. Why? Because you are not losing time with people or situations who don’t bring to your life the energy you need. Try to highlight where you stand and what you want. Setting boundaries opens magic doors and gives you a clear view of what you want from life. At least you save time and don’t forget that time is the most precious gift that life gave us. Let’s waste it wisely!

3. Give yourself smart advice

Talk to yourself and identify what kind of vision you have and what challenges did you faced. Focus on your dreams and fantasies. When you direct your mind in a positive way you’ll receive smart advice. I think it is crucial to talk to yourself and transform the thoughts into actions, replace the past energy with present energy.

4. Spend time with yourself

Take time to know yourself and to unplug the non-versions of yourself. When you spend time in silence and doing something for your soul, you automatically raise your vibration. Some tips: meditate, stay in nature, calm your mind, listen to music, read a book, accept your real feelings.

5. Gain control of your emotions

From time to time make an effort and observe your emotions and what you obtain from them. Emotions are the energy that gives us the power we need to act in a direct way. Keep up in mind that how you feel about a situation and how a person makes you feel it's about the amount of energy you want to invest in.

Learn to bloom and spread the magic everywhere you go, smile and be a kind person.

Alexandra Androne 2021



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