Normalize mental health issues

“Heal the world, make a better place” — Michael Jackson

Alexandra Androne
2 min readMar 27, 2021


It’s been a year since we face this global pandemic issue and I think this situation affected little or more the mental health of all of us, that’s why I centered my attention on this subject.

We have to be comfortable with talking about mental health and mental issues. Don’t wait to lose interest in admiring your emotions and your behaviors. Don’t let it affect how you think and what you feel. We all have times with black holes but let’s reach out and take care of our thoughts. Mental health and even physical health can change over time, that’s why we have to experience the best part of it. I think that they are equal. These two are linked and you can’t take care of your medical aspect and forget about your emotions, thoughts, and unhealthy behaviors. The quality of life is so important. Sometimes the people in need have to accept and understand that they need help. This is the first step to change a life, but not all people can think like that. There are people out there which can’t accept that can probably have psychological issues and probably the others who don’t know where to ask for help.

As a clinical psychologist, I evaluate and help patients to overcome the social crisis and help them to manage it, because knowing the consequences help the individuals act on prevention which is one of the key health behaviors. I want to share what one of my patients said: “ My life changed, it’s so comfortable to talk with you about my needs and not be judged even I’m on a psychiatric treatment”. That’s when I know that my patient understood the major role of mental health and wellbeing and that’s when I understand that my words can heal a beautiful soul.

We need to normalize mental health issues and going to therapy or asking for help. Talking about mental health or how you feel, or what nightmares you had last night is not attention-seeking. Telling others how you feel will help you to grow to love yourself more and if you’re struggling give yourself a chance. We have to remember that motivation is a functional belief that can give the chance to conquer the inner battle. Keep battling on and take care of your mental health.

Be kind to yourself or someone who is in need of advice or help. Don’t be judgmental and give a smile of yours. Let’s talk in flowers not bullets.