The luck of accidentally finding something amazing or someone beautiful without looking for

The phenomenon, luck of accidentally finding something amazing or someone beautiful inside and out without looking.

A combination of events, of unconscious decisions that lead you to a place, a coffee shop, a theatre.. an event with a probability of 1% to get an unexpected ending. That moment when you are with your head in the stars but you receive the moon, with a red bow on it.

As human beings we always want to know what will happen in the future, but, as a famous author said, “Maybe that’s why it’s the earth round, so we don’t always know what’s waiting for us.”

  • Honestly, that’s about it, it’s a good reason not to try to control everything. We must let go of thoughts, feelings, ideas that do not allow us to develop harmoniously. The harmony that we gain from a state of emotional balance.

I was not ready to meet cool people who would remain my friends for life. And it didn’t happen once, I felt the phenomenon of serendipity many times, there were also momentary situations but also people I still have with me, for more than 7 years.

Sometimes I had the impression that I was creating this state of serendipity on my own because I always made decisions the other way around then where my mental fear led me. It is easy to look back and imagine all the beautiful things you have received, created, and developed over the years, we are practically the result of decisions made. A bunch of events and feelings.

  • It should be remembered that the way we react to events depends on us, the way you perceive the world and the way you apply your beliefs (preferably functional) says everything about how you will play your life. Life had to be played beautifully and with many scenes. Scenes in which you have to laugh, maybe cry, but especially to love yourself.

I believe in the phenomenon of serendipity as I believe in the existence of happiness. I think that sometimes we create our luck to receive something unexpected. A job we want, a complicated love, or wildflowers on an August afternoon. I strongly believe that beautiful people and experienced teachers enter our lives if we allow them, as I believe it is not necessary to remain, but they are part of our development. I like to compare people who are transient with the flowers we receive on our birthdays. You rejoice, admire, and move on. But even the passing things brought you extra wisdom, accidental luck from which you learned something. It is always about the perspective we have on life.

And it’s up to us to see the harmonious part, to smell the flower and let it bloom.
I am the kind of person who always chooses to see the beautiful part of a person, the inner part, where I always know that I will find seeds planted with goodness and wisdom.

Just as I think you make your luck, so I think the state of serendipity attracts. You attract it because you have no expectations and you see the world beautifully, like summer rain in the mountains and a rainbow after.

Beautiful things happen unexpectedly because you let them. Just as we allow a thought to fly in the universe, around the sun, around the moon … so we must let happiness, peace, and reconciliation fly. Let’s not run away from emotions and feelings, I think that means luck. Let’s not be fooled by the crystal glass, which may contain sour milk … And when in fact what you needed was the plastic glass that contained the champagne. Have the courage to enjoy and manifest the inner desires that are dusty in the drawers of the mind.

Explore everything you can and don’t lose the value of the present, don’t rush anything and give yourself time. Everything that is best for you appears, disappears, or returns at the right time.




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