The Anamnesis

How I wish to see the world every day

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

A jewel of the world that surrounds us and makes the thrills with the warm scent gather. Gentle colors mark the soul and allow it to feel free. When you see bloomed flowers in this world full of dry trees, it's like the first smile you stole from a book on your first date with the author in a library forgot by the world. April flower smiles and warns us that spring has arrived on our land. Velvet leaves and not very pretentious show us the real condition of a human being. With a warm smile and the smell of wood, you can see a trail of colors that brightens your retina on the wet path near a river, in the mountains.

On the land of flowers, the soul feels calmer, and the garden of the mind starts to shows its cherry blossoms. Soft touches from the golden sun rays and clear drops from the brightest clouds help the vibrant soul of flowers to bloom its dreams.

Before falling into dreams, stop and smell the flowers, those life shivers which bring to the artist the beauty unseen. Those kinds of flowers I want in my life.



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