The happiness lab

Being in your own company sometimes it feels winning the jackpot. That doesn't mean you are antisocial or something like that. It means that you need to be for a couple of hours with yourself and enjoy your thoughts, a coffee, or a book in your silence.

I discovered that feeling two years ago, at 24, when I waited for my friend in a coffee shop reading my favorite book, at that time, and it feels awesome. I swear I almost wanted her to be a quarter of an hour late, with no guilt behind my shoulders.

It’s fascinating when you find that place where you feel at home and you know that besides the freshly roasted tasty coffee, the ambient music, you also have people who serve you with a smile on their faces. That moment when after 8 hours of work, you choose to drink a coffee and read a book in your own company, believe me ... It’s like a cold shower, in a good way.

On the other hand, It’s not always about the place, It’s about the feeling. You can also take a walk by yourself, or reading in your own house, or just sit in the grass in your favorite park watching the sky: I tried this a couple of times, it feels like heaven.

Live for the little things in life.

Mental maturity and self-comfort, that’s how I would define the courage to spend time with yourself. Steal your time and give it to yourself, you will sparkle the next day. - A