When you’re smiling

Alexandra Androne
2 min readAug 27, 2020


Credits to Martin Castro-Unsplash

For the longest time, I didn’t know that a simple smile can change everything. I never would have imagined 10 years ago that a smile can build a friendship or relationship. We didn’t live on earth to suffer or to be in pain, we are here to smile and be happy and to learn how to manage that extra sparkle.

But that happiness should come from inside. And when I mean inside I talk about the soul- the fire. Someone told me one day “You smile and look happy ” and I think this is the best compliment ever.

It’s not even about the situations that make you happy or sad, when you smile at life, life will smile you back. You have to get through what you must get through, today, tomorrow, always. Understand what your needs are and conquer them, be the best version about yourself. How? Smiling.

Out of topic but related to this: I am PRO MENTAL HEALTH, not because I am a clinical psychologist and I work with people with different pathologies every day but because I believe that the key to a good life is maintaining your soul with the best actions that make your mind to fly away. And by the way, If you have the power to talk about what you feel then you can do anything in life.

I remember the day when a psychiatrist, during a forensic examination lecture spoke about smiles. That was the moment I made a major leap and felt highly satisfied with the professional choice I made and I think it is a step forward for humanity.

I felt amazing in that conversation because between psychosis, discernment, and crime the discussion was conducted in such a way to make us aware of the power of the smile and that we need to smile more. Why? Because one does not have the power to harm, unless mentally disordered.

I just want to be around this kind of people, with beautiful souls such persons make me better. My thinking, the way I perform my job, and my state of mind improve around them.

A kindly reminder: in psychology, it’s not only about the brain- the cognitive part, but about emotions. Let your feelings and thoughts live with and within you and embrace them.

Find true happiness in those simple things that make you smile: friends, travels, passions, books, teacups, good coffee and choices.

Always put a smile on that beautiful face: don’t forget that always means forever. -A